The Green Elephant

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Our philosophy of collectives has changed since we started in 2008. You never give up on helping people who need safe access. The word dispensary does not explain how communities are built over years under the challenges faced by Los Angeles patients and caregivers.
We are patients helping patients, serving our community. Growing a sea of compassion.

It can be jungle out there…  with such a wide variety of ways to use medical cannabis, and such diversity in quality available from different providers. We hope this is your last time trying to find the right strains or therapies for your medical conditions. Our Volunteers and caregivers are here to help you make sense of this ancient medicine and modern wonder.

If this is your first time as a patient we can help you learn what is going to help you get the most out of this plant.
If your an experienced patient, then you will know the “Top Shelf” quality you expect.

Whether you prefer to come in and visit, participate, or just receive home deliveries, we are confident we will have a program to meet your needs.

Welcome To The Green Elephant